It is time for us to do address the hot topic of your final apartment inspection. It is becoming more widely accepted that people get the correct checks done to protect themselves and I’m sure you have seen the shocking reports on the current affairs show recently. In this blog I am going to share some of the conditions and defects that we have reported during various apartment inspections.

Keep in mind that on a final building inspection the developer is presenting the property as complete and ready for settlement.

Here is a sample of the defects we are discovering on routine basis

  • Cosmetic defective or poor surfaces throughout the entire house, incomplete work and or poorly finished surfaces and paint work were noted to wall materials throughout all areas and will need repair by painting by a suitably qualified plasterer and/or painter. We strongly recommend that another coat of paint is applied once all defects have been rectified as the overall coverage is poor. Builder to complete. Are inspection is strongly recommended once works are completed.

That old nutshell it’s a common one

Apartment Inspections Apartment Inspections

Let’s try another one on for size

  • The stone bench top has some scratches or imperfections which will require repair and or replacement by a stone mason. Builder to complete.
  • The laminate kicker below the dishwasher is not straight and or in correct position or alignment and requires repair by a cabinet maker. Ouch these hurt in the heart of the home

Apartment Inspections Apartment Inspections

Ok now remember these are only some of the random defects we find all sorts of sinister issues sample as follows:

The laundry waste is blocked by a plumbing stop plug below the tiles or grate, a licensed plumber should be engaged to remove blockage to allow drain to perform as intended. We recommend this be done without delay. The tiles will need to come up for this one, imagine if the potential issues if the plumbing stop was left in position and the washing machine flooded, I would not like to live directly under that apartment. Makes you wonder why they would install floor wastes if they are just going to block them off.Apartment Inspections

More waste issues, this one is a classic,

It appears that the waste has been installed higher than the large section of the floor level to this area, and a large amount of water would be ponding before the waste point is functioning as intended. Builder to review and offer suitable rectification. Why build a step up in the floor then put the waste at the high point?

Apartment Inspections

Now we are just getting going, the issues just keep coming

  • The shower tapware is loose and or poorly fitted to the wall, and tapware is not sealed behind covers. This will require securing and or rectification by a plumber to prevent the free water causing decay to surrounding components. Don’t be swinging off the tapware in this shower, here is the clincher the tapware is secured by timber supports in the wall structure and this is where the core of the defect exists so tiles and wall linings have to be removed. Disaster
  • Evidence suggests there is past or present leakage under the shower screen. Recommend the shower screen installation be reviewed and re-sealed by a suitably qualified professional to prevent further water penetration and decay to surrounding components. At this point we are not surprised.

Apartment Inspections Apartment Inspections

The next sample I am presenting is a big one this existed on the apartment that were in the complex

  • High moisture reading was noted to ceilings adjacent to the front balcony. This indicates a possible plumbing leak. This should be further investigated and repaired without delay to prevent timber framing decay to surrounding areas. A licensed builder and timber pest controller is required to provide a further assessment and to offer suitable rectification as required.
  • It appears the balcony is leaking. No underside access was possible on the day to further trouble shoot this issue. However, it’s possible the leaking balcony may be the cause of further structural building defects. Strongly advice further access be gained to the underside to enable a more complete report to be submitted.
  • Rectification is required and the extent of works should be determined by without delay.
  • There is no or minimal step down between external and internal floors. This situation can allow water penetration from the exterior of the building which can cause structural decay to surrounding components. Rectification is suggested and further advice should be obtained from a Registered Builder, or the area regularly monitored.
  • The floor does not appear to have the correct fall to the floor waste point and the drainage system is inadequate for that floor area and water ponding is possible which could penetrate the structure and lead to structural failure. Rectification is required. A licensed builder and/or structural engineer is required to provide a further assessment and to offer suitable rectification as required.

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This is a heartbreaker, big dollars paid for these apartments and the commitment is just not there by Developers to rectify the defects and issues.

We have some more we are going to show in this blog just to give you a clear understanding of the extent and how varied some of the issues extend from first home buyers to high end luxury apartments they do not discriminate.

Try this on for size.

  • The windows to the rear bedroom of the first floor is leaking. This indicates the windows and/or external window flashings are leaking. The cause of the leak and any timber damage will require repair or replacement to prevent further deterioration. The licensed builder is required to provide a further assessment and to offer suitable rectification without delay.

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  • The height of some of the steps or stairs between the ground floor and the first floor is oversize and this presents as a safety/tripping hazard. This should be rectified to prevent such issues without delay. A licensed carpenter is required to provide a further assessment and to offer suitable rectification as required.Floors are uneven (out of level) to the lounge. No under floor access was possible on the day to further trouble shoot this issue. However, it’s possible the out of level floors may be a result of structural building defects.

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No need to connect the pump to the tank/toilet system, think of the savings when you are building a large number of properties.

  • The water tank to the rear of the property is not connected to toilets of the house as per the energy saving requirements and does not have a 50 sqm catchment area. A licensed plumber should be engaged to review and rectify. Builder to complete.Home inspection Melbourne
  • The suspended plumbing sewer to the subfloor is not fully supported by suspension brackets. This may lead to sewer pipe being damaged or disconnected. A licensed plumber is required to rectify. Brackets, clips and hangers shall be installed at 1m centres and shall be securely attached to the building structure. Builder to complete.