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A pre-purchase pool and spa inspection could save you thousands of dollars. Once you become the proud owner of your home with a pool or spa the following information will be applicable to you.

On 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria. They introduce new registration, inspection and certification requirements for property owners.

Swimming pool and spa owners now have a legal obligation to ensure that the barrier or fence system to the pool/spa is compliant with the relevant Australian Standard and that the owner maintains the effective operation of swimming pool and spa safety barriers. 

If you are going to buy a house with a pool or spa you will be faced with the following procedures to be completed with your pool safety fence, failure to do so will lead to hefty fines.

As a pool or spa owner you need to complete the following:

  1. Register your pool with your local council by 1 November 2020
  2. Organise an inspection of your pool barrier by a registered swimming pool inspector
  3. Rectify any issues identified by your pool inspection
  4. Submit a certificate of compliance to your council by the due date

At Inspect East Building Inspections we inspect a lot of homes being sold with pools or spas, and  regularly hear comments from the home owner and real estate agent ….

“The pool is compliant”.  Make sure you get a copy of the compliance certificate  before you commit to purchase your property

The cost to bring a pool up to a standard so that a compliance certificate can be produced is often a costly and time consuming exercise.  If the vendor cannot produce a compliance certificate make sure you get a pre-purchase inspection.

The cost involved in the rectification of the barrier system can often be quite expensive and difficult to fix, some of the items that need to be addressed can be house doors and windows leading to pool or spa enclosures, climbable objects adjacent to the barrier system (quite often on the neighboring properties), gates that need replacement, barriers of fences that need to be replaced etc.… 

At Inspect East Building Inspections we are also registered with the VBA to conduct Pool and Spa inspections and can offer you a combined inspection and discount  with a building and pest inspection. Don’t leave it to chance, having the pool or spa registered is only the first step. The remainder of the steps have to be completed, if they are not hefty fines apply to the home owners that do not obtain the required certificates.

($350 including gst)

Have you recently purchased a property with a pool or spa?  

You will need to comply with new VBA regulations. Make sure your pool has been registered with the relevant council. 

We are registered with the VBA to conduct pool barrier inspections and issue compliance certificates?

We will produce a comprehensive report and offer end to end support so you gain compliance. You will need to lodge the certificate with the council. 

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