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The primary job of an Inspect East Building Inspection is to ensure that you are fully aware of any issues that could have an effect on the final purchase price you are prepared to pay. Since we have absolutely no relationship with either builders or vendors, you can rest assured that all our inspections protect your interests and no one else.

The process is simple:



  • Starting at the outside, we look for any signs of wear, cracking or indeed dampness on the external walls as these could allow rainfall to permeate through to the inner walls of the building.

  • We check and make sure that any decks or patios, verandas or balconies, balustrades and hand rails comply with all relevant safety regulations.

  • We examine both the hot water and electrical systems and ensure that where applicable, they are fitted with the correct safety switches.

  • We carefully examine all external woodwork including doors and frames, windows and frames and any external posts.

Boundary Areas

Boundary Areas

Often, many people omit to inspect the areas outside of the main building.

  • We make sure that any boundary fencing is in a good state of repair and shows no sign of termite nests or damp areas.

  • We will inspect all driveways and paths to verify any signs of deterioration or general cracking on the surface.

  • We ensure that there is no sign of drainage problems or possible underground water retention, both of which could cause rising damp on the main walls.

  • If there are any outbuildings such as a garage or gardening shed, we will let you know the condition of the structures.

External Roof

External Roof

  • We actually climb up onto the external roof which will enable us to locate any broken or damaged tiles and also to ensure that there is no failure in the overall roofing structure.

  • We examine the security of flashings, guttering, ridges and valleys and the condition of any chimney or flue structures and make sure that they are all securely attached to the building.

Sub Floor

Sub Floor

On many occasions, we discover that the original builder has left unused building material in the sub floor area and so we inspect this area to ensure that it has been removed and nothing else stored in its place.

Not only can this material cause a restriction in ventilation and air flow, it also can encourage potential infestation of termites since it offers the perfect breeding ground for such pests.

For the same reason, we make sure that there are no indications of dampness; electrical wiring is in a good state of repair and that there is adequate pest capping as well as structurally sound piers and stumps.

Since sufficient ventilation is a prerequisite for this area, we will ensure there is no restriction and that there are enough unblocked air vents.



Although this may seem an unnecessary part of any pre-purchase inspections, we do carefully examine and measure all internal walls to make sure that they are actually perpendicular.

We also check that all the walls show no signs of surface cracking, movement or general decay or indications of dampness.

We inspect the ceilings to see if there is any indication of water leakage, either from outside or more likely from leaking pipes in the roof cavity area.

We look and check that all doors, floors, and windows have been correctly fitted; they close properly so creating a tight seal and that there are no signs of movement or damp which could give rise to possible decay in the future.

We check all wet areas, specifically bathrooms and toilets, kitchen and laundry as well as internal plumbing. We are looking for any indications of mould, excess moisture or indeed faulty waterproofing.

External Roof

Roof Cavity

Our primary concern here this were any signs of external rain leakage, damaged electrical wiring, deterioration in the insulation material. We will check and satisfy ourselves that there is adequate ventilation and airflow and that no vents are blocked or obstructed in any way. Finally and most importantly, we will see if there is any evidence of rodents nesting in this area.

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Not only are our Inspections conducted in accordance with the appropriate Australian Standards, if you are not happy with any aspect of our work, we guarantee to rectify the issues within 24 hours.


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