If you are in the process of buying a new home, it is crucial for you to have a building inspector come by and check out your next property investment. A professional building inspector will be able to find any issues with the structure or systems that may not be visible from outside or to the untrained eye. They will also keep your best interests in mind and provide unbiased advice when making their assessment.

A qualified building inspector will make sure to check the conditions of the property for any major defects, safety hazards or any other building defects and provide details and coloured photos in a building inspection report.

Here are some things that they might look for when inspecting a home:

Structural Integrity

They will examine the foundation, roof, retaining walls and ceilings to make sure that they are sound. The inspector may also look for any signs of water damage or pests such as termites. Don’t forget about things like gutters and downspouts either – if these aren’t in good condition you could be looking at a lot of costly repairs further down the road.


You will want an inspector to check out your electrical system and ensure that all wiring is in good condition, there are no exposed wires or outlets and that everything has been updated with code requirements. Any problems found here could affect not only safety but also resale value.


You will want to make sure that the water is running clear and there are no signs of leaks. The inspector should also check your waste system, making sure it’s draining properly and isn’t clogged with debris.


This is one area you definitely don’t want to ignore because if it needs replacing it could be an expensive fix. The inspector will make sure that there is no evidence of leakage and ensure the shingles are in good condition, among other things.


If your heating or cooling system isn’t working properly this can really affect comfort inside your home as well as efficiency. A professional building inspector will check out all your appliances to make sure they are in working order.

Keep these things in mind when you’re thinking of getting pre-purchase inspections. You never know what structural and pest issues may be hidden and how long since those problems first surfaced. Hiring an experienced and qualified inspector is a small cost to paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a property with more repairs than you anticipated.

Why it’s important to get an inspection done before you buy a new house

If you’re thinking that you might not need a inspector since the property is new or for any other reason, you should know that a building inspector doesn’t just inspect your house to make sure it is safe and compliant with Australian Standards 4346.1 (and Australian Standards 4349.3 for pest and termite inspections).

If you’re buying the property a building inspector will find any problems and advise you on how to fix it before they become costly. The longer you wait, the more expensive any necessary repairs will be. They will indicate any areas that are problematic and can advise estimated costs to repair it, and if you find that the repairs and renovations are too costly you’ll have time before or during the cooling off period to make your final decision.

The building inspector’s job is not only to identify these issues but also give recommendations on how to fix it and what steps are needed to make it compliant. They may not be experts when it comes to building design, engineering or renovations so they will often recommend contacting a professional for further assistance.

You can make your decision based on facts rather than a biased opinion. A professional building inspector provides a detailed list of findings along with photos to back up their assessment. At this point, it is important for buyers not to rely solely on what the seller tells them.

By getting a property inspection, you can keep the process moving forward. If you are buying a house, an inspection will help provide peace of mind to your lender that there are no surprises waiting for you down the line. If you are selling, an inspection will help establish your house’s value inWhat Does a Building Inspector Check? the marketplace.

Building and Pest Inspection Services

At Inspect East, we provide a comprehensive range of building, pest and pool inspection services to help you make an informed decision about their property investment purchase.

If you require combined building, pest or swimming pool inspections, we’ll be able to assist with all your inspection needs by making the process simple, easy and gives you peace of mind knowing it’s taken care of by us.

Once the initial consultation is complete, we’ll follow your instructions and get in touch with the vendor or real estate agents to access the property. You can ask us any questions you may have about our inspections services when you’re planning to purchase a property. We’ll provide a comprehensive and coloured report detailing all our findings from the inspection.

With 25 years of experience under our belt, completed more than 1000 inspections in Melbourne, you can be assured about our professional services with our fully covered insurance for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity risks. Get in touch with our friendly team if you require any assistance.