Bathroom renovations or remodeling are some of the major home inspections melbourne and renovation projects that you can undertake on your premises. Not only do they increase the value of your property, they can also be a way of making your bathrooms a little bit more luxurious and bringing out the spa-like effect in them.

Yet they are also exceedingly costly and wrought with lots of pitfalls. Mistakes will not only be expensive but they can also ruin your preferred outcome in terms of function and design. Here is a look at some of the common mistakes to avoid when it comes to bathroom renovations in your home.

Failing to Plan Adequately

This is one of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to bathroom renovations. Carry out adequate planning and have a clear set of objectives. Analyse your specific needs and determine how you want to realize them in your bathroom renovations. What precise measurements are you looking for? Do you need new bathroom fixtures? What is your budget for the bathroom renovations? What materials are you planning to use? What kind of bathroom design are you looking for? Having some clarity in your planning makes it easier to proceed with the bathroom renovation project.

Poor Spacing

Good spatial organization is one of the main factors that makes your bathroom easy to use. Your bathroom renovation shouldn’t just focus on the aesthetics; factor in the function. Before you begin working on the bathroom décor, think of the spacing and layout. Will you need to move plumbing to new locations? Will you need to break the walls and re-install the bathroom fixtures? You can hire a professional bathroom designer to create an excellent bathroom layout that will be fit for function.

Choice the Materials

When it comes to renovations, don’t let the aesthetic considerations and personal preferences override practicality and function. The bathroom will be subjected to high moisture levels and temperature extremes and you must choose high quality materials that will withstand these extremities. Pick the wrong the materials and you will be grappling with problems such as warping, mold and mildew. Talk to your bathroom contractor to help you pick the right materials which are both functional and durable.

Not Paying Attention to the Bathroom Fan

Any renovation or remodeling generally places an emphasis on the surfaces, bathroom fixtures and vanities as well as various spatial aspects. The bathroom fan is generally one of the most overlooked features in spite of its critical function. Make sure you install a suitably sized fan in your bathroom for proper ventilation.

Without efficient ventilation, the heat and humidity is trapped inside which may lead to the formation of mildew and mold in the bathroom over duration of time. A buildup of moisture will also deensure it is workstroy the bathroom paint, grout and lead to the deterioration of the metallic surfaces. If your bathroom already has a fan, check to ing properly and providing adequate ventilation. If you are not planning on a fan replacement, make sure the current installation is well maintained.

Failing on Your Waterproofing

All bathrooms must be thoroughly wet-proofed otherwise you will be creating the perfect recipe for disaster. Don’t skimp on your bathroom waterproofing. Hire a licensed and professional bathroom renovations expert with extensive experience in waterproofing who will pay close attention to this aspect of your renovations. Poor bathroom waterproofing is one of the top building problems experienced in many Australian homes and its long term effect can be costly.

Set Realistic Budgets

Finally, make sure you set the budget that matches your preferred project scope. The best approach is to stick to bathroom renovation projects that you can easily afford. Don’t be too ambitious if you have limited money otherwise you might end up with poorly finished bathrooms.