I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to complete a house inspection on behalf of a potential buyer only to find that the owner hasn’t prepared it properly for the inspection.

It’s such a critical mistake by a seller, because it creates suspicion in the purchaser as they think the seller may be trying to cover some things up, which can ultimately result in deals falling through.

Attending to a few routine items can make all the difference in a building inspection, and will ensure the home is ready and free of the long list of minor defects whose presence on an inspection report can scare of potential buyers.

make sure your building inspection checklist is complete

Here are some tips for preparing your house for inspection:

  1. Make sure the electricity is on in all areas of the home, inspectors will not do this for you.
  2. Make sure gas or fuel is switched on for all appliances, once again, inspectors won’t do this for you.
  3. Make sure the water is on and functional in all fixtures, inspectors won’t turn this on for you.
  4. If there are any light bulbs burnt out, replace them.
  5. Clear out and stored items or junk from under sinks.
  6. If there is anything blocking ceiling access such as personal items or shelving, remove this prior to the inspection. The inspector will not remove these to gain access.
  7. Use a screwdriver to ensure the hardware on all doors/windows is secure, and make sure they all open and close as they should.
  8. Make sure the roof and gutters are cleaned and free from debris.
  9. Have a look to make sure there are no leaks under sinks or drains such as in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen. If there are, have these fixed prior to inspection.
  10. Make sure your heating and cooling is serviced, and have records of the last service that was conducted.

Taking the time to tick off these relatively simple items will greatly reduce the number of minor items that may have otherwise shown up as defects in your inspection report. The smaller the defect list in the report, the more chance you have of getting the deal you want on the home!

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