Why You Should Always Get a Building Inspection Before You Buy a Property in Melbourne

With all the costs involved in buying a property, it can be tempting to cut corners, saving a couple of hundred dollars by neglecting to hire a building inspector to give it the once-over.

But this is a fundamental mistake that home buyers make. With such a large investment as a house, you cannot risk blindly buying a dud.

Why Are Building Inspections So Important in Melbourne?

Getting a building inspection is even more important in Melbourne, with the very changeable and sometimes extreme weather conditions, which can inflict more damage and wear to houses than in other Australian cities.

A good building inspector will check all potential problem areas of the property. These checks will ensure that your dream home fits all the Building Codes and Standards of Australia, because if it doesn’t, you need to know about it.

The real condition of the property as assessed by a professional building assessor may have a large influence on the price you are prepared to pay for this investment. Not only that, you need to know about any hidden costs involved in getting your property up to standard, so that you can budget for them and you won’t be left in the dark with some unpleasant surprises.

Financing Your New Home – Introducing Rapid Finance

So you’ve got your property thoroughly checked out, and are satisfied that with the building inspector’s report, you’re backing a winner. What next?

Well, you’re going to need the cash to buy your new home. But what if you have bad credit?

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