The term pre-purchase building inspection refers to an assessment of the detailed conditions of any property that is carried out by a qualified professional. This inspection process almost covers all aspects of the area such as cracked and damp walls and faulty roofs. It also highlights if they need repairs and the cost that would go in it.

This inspection includes losses that are caused due to pest damages also. The basic advantage of a pre-purchase building inspection in Melbourne is that it deals with all the past and existing building problems such as scratched tiles, minor paint chips, damage in the walls, carpet and flooring issues including ceiling and roof tiles.

Some of the significant advantages of having a Pre-purchase Inspection Reports carried out before the contract completion of a building are discussed as below

  • The Pre Purchase Building Inspections reports helping the buyer to be aware of what problems he might have to face, after the purchase of the same. He can then take the right decision regarding buy it or otherwise.


  • The damages mentioned in the inspection report can serve as an important tool for the buyer while he is negotiating the finance part with the landowner.


  • At the time of the inspection, the whole of the building including all nooks and corners are taken into consideration. This fact gives the buyer, peace of mind, regarding his decision to buy the building.


  • The seller also gets a clear picture of the property that he has put up for sale. It also helps him to consider what repairs and renovations he has to essentially carry out, that would be compulsory before it goes to the buyer.


  • A building that has old and outdated wiring may be dangerous as the wires are in a component in handling the pressures of the present day demands of the power supply. Other environmental aspects such as water, heat and cold conditions, salt and dust also adversely affect the lifespan of the wiring. These details are rightly highlighted in the inspection reports, which can help the owners to do the needful.


  • Rewiring a building is indeed a costly affair. The inspection report can accurately point out which areas in the electricity box or which wires need immediate attention. This saves a lot of money and inconvenience in the future.


  • Many older buildings, when built, salt was not used to create the foundation. This allows dampness and moisture to seep in thus damaging the walls and the ceilings. This is discovered in the reports that make the building owners, aware of the issues pertaining to it.


Thus, in conclusion, it can be stated that a Pre Purchase Building Inspections for the buyers in Melbourne is very crucial because it renders transparency about the prevailing conditions of the building. Additionally, the building owner becomes aware of the repairs or improvements that are needed which may result in a fair deal when it comes to the buying and selling process.