Professional home renovations bring out the “hidden value” in your property. It is an opportunity to re-imagine your home design and function and bring out the best in it based on your current tastes and preferences. Yet home renovations can go awry and in the process, waste a lot of your money.

Bad renovations are not just a financial waste; they are also unsightly and may lower the value of your property. It is therefore important to watch out on some of the common home renovation mistakes that are likely to ruin your reno projects.

Picking the cheapest contractors

While cost is a key consideration in home renovation projects, it shouldn’t be at the expense of good quality and professionalism. Get quotes from multiple contractors and see where you can get the the most bang for your buck. Some contractors may give you the lowest cost but also perform poor quality work with low quality materials and poor workmanship.

The best approach to take when hiring home renovations contractors is to pick the best person for the job and then negotiate a price. Alternatively, you can cut down on your requirements and do a phased home renovation that fits your budget. Ask contractors to give you an itemised quotation that lists the tasks and costs of each of the tasks that they will work on during the renovations. This will allow you to pick what to keep and what to strike out for the project to fit in your budget.

Going something that is too trendy

Home renovations are a perfect opportunity to try out some bold ideas. Some people use this opportunity to go for the trendiest designs, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. But there are pitfalls with going for an overly trendy design. This is because trendy things will quickly fade and go out of style. Choose a design that is conservative and timeless. Don’t overdo the design, appliances and fixtures at the expense of the functional considerations such as storage and counterspace. If your kitchen is too small, don’t try to fit in kitchen island.

Don’t skimp on the hidden renovations

Some homeowners may be so fixated with “shiny objects” that they forget about the things that really matter. For example, don’t focus too much on the bathroom fixtures and beautiful surfaces that you forget about proper waterproofing and ventilation.

Avoid the quick fixes

If you are going to do a home inspections melbourne and renovations, make sure you do a comprehensive job. Avoid those quick fixes that will improve the aesthetics of the home over the short term but are likely to disintegrate in the near future. The work must be done by a competent contract and should meet the requisite standards and building codes.

Don’t ignore bathroom renovations

If you have the budget for it, a home renovation should always include a bathroom renovation. A good bathroom is so critical to the resale prospects and value of your property. It is one of the most critical areas that all potential buyers pay close attention to. If your budget is modest, you can choose to keep your bathroom renovations simple by for example adding new tiling and new beautiful fixtures. With a good budget, you can overhaul the whole bathroom and update the design.

Overspending on the wrong things

When it comes to home renovations, it is prudent to have priority areas that are likely to have the biggest impact on the quality of the home renovation. Do not spend too much money on the wrong things. Don’t spend a lot of money on shiny kitchen appliances without budgeting adequately for quality flooring installation, for example. When renovating, factor in what is likely to make the most impact in the home.

Having a fixed budget

Home renovations are costly and can easily become major projects so don’t approach it with a cavalier attitude. Save enough money for the renovations and make sure you have overages that you can dig into just in case the planned budget runs over the roof.